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Women's Health

You are done having kids. You’re not nearing menopause. You feel good. You may ask yourself, why do I need to still take the time each year to visit the OB/GYN? The answer is that we want you to keep you feeling good.

Regular check-ups are the key to keeping you healthy.

Getting regular pap tests and breast cancer screenings at your check-up can catch illnesses like cancer be for it is too late. We offer many appointment times to work around your life.

So what is the pap test?

The pap test (or pap smear) looks for precancer. It tests for signs that your body may be developing cancer. If caught in the earliest stage, cervical cancer treatment is very successful. Cervical cancer is also one of the easiest cancers to prevent.

The test itself is simple. Your provider will gather a small sample of your cervical cells for testing. The lab will look at the cells under a microscope and let us know if there is anything to worry about.

If you are between 21 and 65 years old, please call us to schedule a pap test. How often you need a pap test, depends on your age and medical history.

Before your pap test

There is not much to do before a pap test, but a following these few guidelines in the couple of days before your appointment will make the test go smoothly:

  • Don’t douche (rinse your vagina with anything other than water).
  • Don’t use tampons.
  • Don’t have sex.
  • Don’t use birth control foam, cream or jelly.
  • Don’t schedule a pap test during your period.
  • Don’t use medicine or cream in your vagina.

Last, be sure not to schedule your pap when you are having your period.


"I thought that I wouldn't be able to get quality pregnancy care without insurance. I was so happy to be wrong. The wonderful nurses and doctors at Eastern Iowa Women's Health Center provided me with amazing care. I will never go anywhere else." - Rania