Serving your health needs has been our mission from day one


Our talented leadership team is here for you and your family


We are guided by highly respected members of our community


Take your career to new heights at Eastern Iowa Health Center


At Eastern Iowa Health Center, your health matters. Our team is here to make sure you and your family stay healthy.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, it is our mission to provide exceptional and accessible, patient-centered healthcare for all. Our services include family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, labor and delivery, behavioral health and dental care.


Eastern Iowa Health Center offers discounts based upon your family size and income. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, Iowa Health and Wellness and most private insurance plans. Our doors will always be open to serve your health needs, regardless of ability to pay.

Staying healthy is a team effort and we are proud to be part of your team. We care about your physical, emotional and mental health. We will be at your side to help you take control of your health so that you can enjoy your life.


Mission – Exceptional Healthcare For All

Our mission is to provide Exceptional Healthcare for All. It is critical as it underscores our commitment to ensuring every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to high-quality healthcare services. By upholding this mission, we not only contribute to improving the health and well-being of individuals and our community but also promote equality, equity and justice. It serves as a guiding principle that drives us to continuously strive for excellence in healthcare delivery, patient care and overall enhancement of healthcare systems for all the benefit of all.



At Eastern Iowa Health Center your health is our top priority. You can expect every member of our team to follow our values of:


  • Bring Our Best: Striving for personal excellence, continuously learning and growing, leveraging strengths and pushing boundaries to reach your fullest potential and achieve remarkable outcomes.
  • Lead with Character: Embodying strong ethical values, integrity and authenticity in leadership, inspiring trust, fostering positive relationships and making principled decisions for the greater good.
  • Live the Mission: Actively representing and implementing the organization’s purpose, values and goals in everyday actions, decisions and interactions to achieve its intended impact.
  • Seek Health Resolutions: Involves pursuing constructive and positive outcomes, finding mutually beneficial solutions and fostering well-being, harmony and growth in individuals, relationships and situations.
  • Embrace Challenges: Welcoming and confronting obstacles, adversity and opportunities for growth, harnessing resilience, adaptability and determination to overcome them and achieve personal and professional development.
  • Promote Team Success: Fostering collaboration, communication and trust, leveraging diverse strengths and empowering individuals to work together towards shared goals, achieving collective achievements and growth.
  • Champion Financial Strength: Strategically managing resources, optimizing financial performance ad ensuring stability and growth, leading to long-term sustainability and success.
  • Deliver Results: Achieving desired outcomes effectively and successfully, producing tangible and measurable results that align with expectations.


Whether you have been our patient for years or are just meeting us for the first time, you can expect top-notch care each time you visit Eastern Iowa Health Center.


This facility is a member of the National Health Service Corps. To learn more please visit:

2022: Community Impact Report

HRSA National Health Service Corps


"I appreciate the time my doctor took to ask questions and listen. I can tell she really cares about me." - Sofia