Newborn & Infant Care

Congratulations on your new little one! We are excited to care for your baby. At Eastern Iowa Health Center we provide expert help and excellent medical care for your infant from the day he is born. Regular visits to the doctor will make sure your baby stays healthy and continues to grow.

Well-Baby Visits

For a healthy start, your provider will visit your baby shortly after he is born while you are still at the hospital. Healthy newborns will then have their first visit at our health center at around two weeks old.

At this visit we will:

  • Check baby’s height and weight
  • See how well baby is eating
  • Check baby’s reflexes and development
  • Answer your questions

In the following months, your baby will visit us every couple of months to continue to monitor his growth and development. Your baby will receive vaccinations to prevent illnesses like chicken pox and the measles. These visits also give you the chance to ask questions and let us know about any health concerns you may have.

Care Available 24/7

Babies don’t only get sick between 8AM and 5PM Monday through Friday. Whether your baby is colicky or running a fever, we are here to help. Our pediatric team is on call around the clock to answer your questions and ease your fears. Call 319-730-7300 if you need help.


The first few months of your baby's life are important, we will be here to help you


Make sure your child is getting the regular healthcare he deserves


Protect your child from preventable illnesses by getting recommended immunizations on time


Learn what symptoms to look for and when it is time to give us a call


"You take the time to listen and make sure I understand everything. " - Kaylee, mother